Sublime by Pakistani Fashion Designer Sara Shahid


Sara Shahid is a very famous Pakistani fashion designer who reached at the peak of fame very fastly. She is a main person behind fastly growing fashion brand called Sublime which is launched in Karachi at Lables. Sublime by sara believes that the beauty of a fabrics lies not in mess of embroidered work but in simplicity of a dress. they believe that in their sublime by sara your dress don’t need to shout for attention but it will get attentions because of its simplicity and uniqueness. Sara Shahid of sublime has so for launched Sublime sara (includes pret line), Sublime divine (includes bridal and formal line) and Simply Sublime. All of sara shaid collection are fabulous and elegant. Lets take a quick look at Sara shaihd collection….

Beautiful dress by sara sublime


bridal dress by sara shahid


sublime by sara collection



sara sublime dresses

Latest sara sublime collection


Mehreen sayd in Sara sublime dress



sara shahid collection at fashion week


sara sublime collection


sara shahid


simply sublime 2011


simply sublime by sara shahid


sublime latest collection


wedding dress by sara shahid sublime

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