Stress and Our Body

Stress can be defined as the pressure or some sort of tensions which humans face, in order to survive in this ever changing world. Our body may react physically, mentally, or emotionally to such tensions and pressures.We can observe stress regularly in our life. Stress can be caused due to many things that happen around us, and the things that we do to ourselves can also cause stress for our body.

Causes and Types:

Stress can be caused by our environment, our thoughts, and our bodies. There are two types of stress; good stress and bad stress. The good stress can be good for our body’s immune system as it helps improving our body’s immune system whereas bad stress weakens our body’s immune system. Our body experiences stress and reacts to it immediately. Stress can leave both positive and negative impacts on our body. Stress may be positive when it keeps us alert to avoid the danger, and it can be negative when problems and difficulties continuously occur without any relaxation between them. A person becomes exhausted because of too much stress.

Stress & Our Body


Stress in Physics:

There is a very popular relation between work and stress that we also have observed in Physics; stress is directly proportional to work, the more you work the more the stress. Similarly, there is also a relation between stress and tension that is the more stress you take the more tension you build up.

Side Effects:

Continuous stress without any relaxation leads to distress that is a reaction of too much negative stress. In this case; one can suffer from headaches, stomach can also be upset, the blood pressure gets elevated sometimes due to too much stress, and one cannot sleep properly due to stress that may also lead to insomnia. When we are stressed; the hormones flood in our body, it helps to focus our attention, it helps to sharpen our vision, and to prepare our muscles for some action. According to popular researches, the common stress spots can be; our brain, our hair, our nervous system, our muscles, our guts, and our DNA system.


We must try to control ourselves in the state of stress, because one can do anything in the state of stress that may cause harm to ourselves or anyone in the surrounding.

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