Stars and Politicians Stand Up In Support For #JusticeForFarishta

The delightful youthful heavenly attendant of Pakistan, the guiltless 10 years of age young lady, little girl of Gul Nabi has treated in the most noticeably awful ever way. She was first rapped then killed and after that her dead body was tossed in the shrubberies close Chak Shahzad Police Station, Islamabad.

The most disturbing circumstance was that the experts didn’t make appropriate move before individuals raised their voices via web-based networking media. Gul Nabi, father of the influenced young lady said that her little girl went out to play with her companions on fifteenth of May 2019 however she never returned. The family straight away went to the police headquarters to hold up the grumbling however police would not record a FIR thus the circumstance turned out to be most exceedingly terrible and there was a deferral in the hunt of the young lady.

Photos of the young lady were shared on the internet based life and her dead body was beaten up pretty bad. Everybody, including the superstars, is currently taking the issue to online life so as to censure what occurred and ensure that such an episode doesn’t occur later on.

Mahira Khan requested that everybody quit sharing the image of the young lady via web-based networking media.

Hamza Ali Abbasi requested that the specialists rebuff the criminal so that nobody else set out to rehash this demonstration later on.

Sherry Rehman additionally requested that the administration take appropriate activities against the offenders.


Jibran Nasir is likewise not fulfilled by the moves made against the SHO who wouldn’t document a FIR.

Irum Azeem imagines that the case is being misused. Furthermore, the rundown continues forever.

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