Spring-Summer Fashion Men and Women 2012

 We live in a country thriving with love and romance everywhere, along with these rather positive notions comes a surge of disappointment and breakups too. Many of you might be thinking what love and romance has to do with fashion whatsoever? Let me remind all the lovely readers, that our emotions can conveniently be expressed through fashion, in fact I believe it’s quite a healthy and creative form of catharsis. It’s a good idea to utilize fashion as one of those inescapable excuses that end up making us feel good and productive for the day. Flaring up a sense of your own fashion and cladding it upon yourself will not only give a sense of pride and achievement, but it might make you feel worthy of forgetting grievances temporarily.

Its spring/summer time and love is in the air, as annual holidays creep closer, more weddings and engagements are influencing people’s social calendars. Sadly, along with happiness there is are also negative vibes surrounding us where people are ‘parting and darting away’ from each other, which means that couples are breaking up as well. Everyone has written so much about the new season and bridal accessories that many of us have forgotten that some people out there are without a companion and might actually be in a mode of ‘glumness’. All our positivity has been directed towards new couples being united, that those people who have gone through horrible break ups or divorces have been left behind. Well, no worries because this article is here to serve for them only!


 For all those gentlemen and ladies who have recently experienced a heart wrenching breakup, prepare to dive into the depths of fashion. After dwelling in long periods of regret and grief, it is time to come out of the shell and face the world in style. This will require a fashionable amount of effort, once that is dealt with you need to start tracing events on your social calendars. Do not hesitate to mingle and enjoy occasional parties and dinners, get ready to embrace the light clothing material that spring/summer promises us all. For the women, I’d like to recommend that they start buying all the beautiful lawn prints being launched by numerous brand names, additionally they have intricately detailed buttons and  laces in the market to celebrate a ‘new beginning’ and end the mourning of an already diminished past. The trendy chooridars which have made an entrance in ‘printed’ form especially through Maria B’s innovative brand promise to carry out an elegant and colourful persona. With all those varities out there, the flairs of lightweight lawn kameezes and the deliciously floral dupattas I can’t promise that it will heal the pain of love gone lost, but I’m pretty sure it can make you feel fresh which might in turn push you to a ‘new start’. For all those thinking, can clothes make us feel better, wouldn’t that be classified as shallow? Well, not really, clothes don’t define a person but they can help elevate a warm and fuzzy feeling of confidence, which as a result makes a person feel good. Whenever I feel a bit depressed, I have personally experimented wearing my favourite clothes and bracelets and going out with friends makes me feel a dozen times better .

But for all those men out there who currently got their heart broken, I would suggest that they take advantage of the blossoming season and explore their wardrobe. They have beautiful, different coloured kurtas of cotton that tend to the lightweight and cooling requirements of a cloth. Let’s not forget that we can take off those classy coats and wear those line patterned formal shirts at occasions. Open toe sandals for men and women are being provided through numerous foot brands, in different designs and colours too,we all deserve to treat ourselves with shoes, so let’s get down to it!

Things may have fallen apart, but this is the time to pick yourselves up and dust off the past with grace and attitude. New clothes and footwear don’t promise what love and relationships do, but they help us decide how we feel about ourselves. Wearing a new dress or shirt won’t guarantee notions of life, but they will help you feel presentable and comfortable when you go out to meet your friends or relatives. In conclusion, I’d like to highlight how life may bring us to unexpected turns but we all have to move on. So why not enjoy what you’re wearing and carry yourself with an attitude that vows progress and change.

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