Splash Summer 2012 Collection by Alkaram

Alkaram started as a small brand in 1993 but now it has grown into a family of sub brands gaining success from time to time. Its design and quality is liked by all and it has always maintained its uniqueness, which sets them apart from their competitors

One of its sub brands is SPLASH which is now gaining popularity by targeting people via building a long term relation with them through emotion, love, loyalty. The brand recently took the decision to redesign its fashion portfolio and to make necessary amendments to attract maximum customers towards the brand.

Splash targets their customer by catering to their daily life’s needs and coming up with dresses that meet their expectations. This SUMMER 2012, it has come up with a vast variety of beautiful dresses for women and popular collections for men, also for teens and kids.

Moreover, they are now focusing on providing their customers with a great shopping experience through their excellent services and beautiful dresses, to meet everyone’s need. In order to save customer’s time and make their decision making more quick, SPLASH has now divided its collection into small groups such as Splash Women, Splash Accessories, and Splash Men etc. Their main focus now is to build trust between potential customers and enhance loyalty in their existing customers, for which they’ve come up with a unique collection for SUMMER 2012; to meet customer’s ever-changing life style needs

 Splash has covered a large road of success in these 18 years and they also were being awarded the “super brand” status in 2011 and 2010, and they hope for the same this year too. We wish them good luck in their journey to success.

You can visit their store which is located at Emerald Tower, II Talwar Block 5, Clifton, Karachi and Mall 1, Main Boulevard, Gulberg, Lahore. ALSO, you can visit their websites, to check their SUMMER 2012 SPLASH COLLECTION FOR MEN AND SUMMER 2012 SPLASH COLLECTION FOR WOMEN, which is

Few pictures from their SUMMER 2012 COLLECTION has been attached below, have a look 🙂


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