Special Ramzan Health Tips

The holy month of Ramzan is coming closer and all of us are very excited to welcome it with open arms. This month brings a lot of chances for us to enjoy our life and pray for ourselves as well as our relatives, friends.

In this month, doctors and nutritionists agree that if Muslims keep all the fasts, then they are supposed to take care of their diets so that they can enjoy the real benefits of this month.Special Ramzan Health Tips

1. All of us get habitual to eat oily and fatty foods in Ramzan in the form of parathas, pakoras etc. But the arrival of Ramzan does not mean that we can start using the excessive oily food with a thought that we would have a fast the whole day. It can create various health problems for us.

2. By cutting out junk food, eating three balanced and healthy meals – one at iftar, one five hours later before sleeping and then one at Suhoor before sunrise – and drinking plenty of water, Ramadan is a step towards a healthier lifestyle.


3. If we all spend the month as we should, not making the big issue be the food but instead the prayer and the closeness to our Creator, then you wouldn’t see such a popularity of sweets during the month and find that most have gained weight after 30 days of fasting.

4. What’s ironic is that Ramadan provides so much opportunity to feel better, especially after the first few days of withdrawal, and only if the effort is made to drink plenty of water in the hours when the fast is broken.

5. Ramadan can offer a number of health benefits, especially when people monitor their dietary intake and ensure the maintenance of any medication regimens they are on.

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