Sonam Kapoor launches her own app — just like Kim Kardashian

“This app is gonna be your personal channel into my world,” says Sonam Kapoor in the launch commercial for her just released app, where fans will get access to her photos, videos and everyday musings on everything from the best exercise regime to red velvet cupcakes.

Fans have reason to be excited. The app, simply titled Sonam Kapoor, is a first for Bollywood. By launching her own app, Sonam joins the ranks of global A-listers, from social media celebs like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian and showbiz stars, like Taylor Swift, Lea Michelle and even Madonna.

Inside the app – Screengrabs

The highlight of the app is its live stream feature, which will allow Sonam to connect with her “tribe”. “I don’t like the word fan,” says Sonam, “I don’t think there are fans anymore in this world. There are like-minded people.”

The app also offers style and makeup how-tos from the fashionista, a photograph archive and exclusive sneak-peeks from her films’ shoots.


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