Sohail Javed Filed Court Case Defamation Suit On Jami For Sexual Harassment Letter Allegations

Well after Hollywood and Indian film world, the air of Me Too movement has turned into the Pakistan film industry as well. None of the celebrity star has spoken about it but some unknown ladies are coming in front streamline with the allegations of the sexual harassment. Sohail Javed is one of the finest directors of the showbiz world and it all started from him!

In one of the recent events, Sohail Javed read out the letter of a 19 years old girl that was written against a director who took her to his apartment and raped her as he promised to give her the big project. Now the letter did not highlight the name of any girl or the director as it was a complete unknown letter.


But why Jami did filed a court allegation case on Sohail Javed! Now that’s the question to talk about!  Jami name was not mention in the letter and neither Sohail Javed openly took his name. He just read out the letter in public! Well the inside story is still not known because till now just the court case defamation suit story has come in the front media headlines.

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