Social Media Show Anger on Hamza Ali Abbasi for Using Insensitive “Rape” Comment in his Latest Tweet

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has had a love-hate relationship with the Pakistani public and is notorious for his opinionated persona and tendency to make statements that spark debate. He has recognition for often announcing matters that end up fantastic controversial certainly fast, and whilst a lot of people admire him for this trait, he has been under scrutiny for it more often than not.

Recently in a tweet, Hamza made a statement that has upset a lot of people. In a declaration aimed at addressing the arrest of a politician, Hamza said that this has been the first time in the history of the us of that the ‘big fish’ have been arrested by way of the civilian government.

He persevered on to say that humans have been viewing these arrests as a conspiracy due to the fact it has never happened for the united states before. He closes the tweet by way of comparing ex-President General Musharraf to the essential figures of the parties that were in power in the previous and taking a few names.

The trivialization of “rape” right here is what pissed humans off. People took to their personal structures to express their ideas and remind each person that it is not k to joke about some thing as sensitive as rape and that whatever we say contributes considerably to the normalization of it. They also pointed out that the use of rape as something to seize people’s eye on social media is fairly troublesome and be stopped.

People were deeply disturbed and pointed out that Hamza is recognized to have a significant range in vocabulary, and that a phrase like rape must not have been used in such a context – no count the intensity of the situation.

Hamza, however, caught to his decision. When a follower even offered him a list of phrases that he ought to have substituted the phrase for in order to mean the same effect, he did now not seem to agree with her.

In response to the follower’s listing of phrases that ought to have been used alternatively, which protected ‘looted, plundered, despoiled and pillaged’, Hamza stayed firm about his preliminary gesture and stated that ‘rape’ was once the only phrase that ought to precisely describe what he desired to say.

Referring lower back to the politicians he mentioned in his authentic tweet, Hamza stated that ‘rape is apt for what they did’, now typing the phrase in all-caps. He proceeded to claim that he will use a improved phrase than the one he used as soon as he finds it, but for now, he does now not know of a phrase that is stronger.

Hamza has no longer yet given every other declaration regarding his decision and why he chose to say what he said. Let’s all hope that our country sees higher days in the close to future and that the whole thing works out for the best.

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