Social media is Pissed Off as Asim Azhar Called Hania Aamir “Sansa Stark”

Hania Aamir these days dyed her hair a somber crimson after posting a number of speculative stories on her Instagram account that she used to be going to change her hair color.

And the ‘Anaa’ actress has certainly been working it! Rumored beau Asim Azhar left a comment below this photograph of Hania, saying:

And whilst my initial response to Asim Azhar’s comment about Hania being Sansa used to be this:

After cautious consideration and reevaluation, my response is still this:


The purple hair and beautifully distinguished foreheads aren’t sufficient to call her Sansa I’m afraid.


Sorry to burst your bubble Asim (I be aware of you have been joking but I do not take these comparisons lightly).

Nope, it’s simply the same coloured hair…

We requested our followers too if they agreed or disagreed, and the consensus is at most a spear-headed “HELL NA!”

Many simply didn’t appreciate even the notion L to the OL. This look so weird to compare a common actress with such a big celebrity just because she changed her hair color to be like her!

Asim you are temporarily canceled (I’m joking but not really).

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