Silver Platted Pendant Necklace Sets By Taneez 2011-12

Silver platted necklace sets by Taneez 2011-12 has recently launched.This collection is available at their all outlets in a wide range of silver platted pendant sets.Taneez is a leading manufacturer and designers of Pakistan who made silver platted and sterling silver accessories.This is antique necklace sets by Taneez 2011 for this upcoming Eid.Dynamic designs with artistic touch pendant sets are looking very beautiful…Girls!! 🙂 You must be want to take it at home.This sets will give an extra shine to your jewellery box.

Taneez Jewellery Designs 2011-12.

Pendant Sets for Eid 2011.

Taneez Silver Platted Jewellery.


Jewellery Designs By Taneez.


Necklace Sets For Women.



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