Sidra Batool ready for Her Movie Debut

Did you hear that Sidra Batool ready for her movie debut? Well, the lady of Pakistan is set for her film debut very soon. Sidra Batool is one of the most famous and talented drama actresses of Pakistan. She has been one of the fewer ladies who won the heart of worldwide audience in no time.

Sidra Batool ready for her movie career

After giving a number of drama hits, now Sidra Batool has turned her ways to become a movie actress. She has been the winner of several awards and is known to own exceptional acting skills. The lady is set to join the growing list of celebrities who have transformed themselves from small screen to silver screen stars of the movies.

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Sidra Batool


According to an official source, Sidra Batool is now ready to start her career as a movie actress. To make it happen, she is in conversation and talk with several movie makers. According to news, Sidra is giving high preference to strong movie script. Why now, the lady certainly wants to make herself as recognized as she is already as a drama actress.

Sidra’s first movie

Halla Gulla is a ‘comedy movie with lots of music inside, in which, according to sources, Sidra is likely to perform and play a strong role. She has revealed that her performance in this movie is going to be very nice.

Sidra Batool told in an interview that she has recently completed the shot of the romantic song sung by Rahat Fatah Ali Khan, and the words of song are very nice. She has told to media that she will take good care of the quality of her projects as she is not going to compromise on quality and would never give preference to quantity because that is not per her repute and profile as an artist.

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