Shocking News: Azfar and Naveen Waqar Divorced

Azfar and Naveen divorced

Famous actor Azfar Rehman and actress Naveen Waqar are divorced. Yes, you heard it right. The couple parted ways after three years of marriage. The couple filed for divorce in July 2015, but they disclosed the news on 30 November.

Regarding the issue, Azfar told:

“I have divorced Naveen Waqar and we have been separated since July 2015.”

He further said:

“I have disclosed this news because both of us have many fans and it’s important for me, to inform our fans about our divorce.”


Naveen Waqar divorced

“Our divorce news was already known by some sources, and there was confusion so I don’t want to keep anybody in the dark now”.

Azfar’s first marriage was with actress Salma Hassan. Salma and Azfar divorced after 11 years of marriage and also have a daughter.

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