“Shine Brightest”: Sushant Singh Rajput’s Fan Names Star After The Actor

One of Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans has named a star after the late actor, who was known to be extremely passionate about stargazing and astronomy and even owned a Meade telescope.

A fan named Raksha posted the certificate of registration on her Twitter page, writing, “Sushant had always been so fond of the stars & thus I found it quite fitting to name one after him. I shall forever be blessed to have witnessed such a beautiful & profound soul. may you continue to shine brightest! @itsSSR #sushantsinghrajput #sushantinourheartsforever”.


The certificate stated: “Let it be known to all that the star residing at the astronomically verified position of RA 22.121 and Declination – 10.14 is hereby named for June 25, 2020, as Sushant Singh Rajput. The name is permanently filed in the Registry’s vault and copyrighted with The Star Register with all rights and privileges attended thereto.”

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