Sheikh Rasheed’s Great Escape and Twitter’s Top Trend

Yes, you heard it right. Sheikh Rasheed has once again made it to the headlines and this time not just because of his heroic dialogues but with his heroic entry at the Committee Chowk. Earlier today AML Chairman had exclaimed to tear Article 144 into 144 pieces, if he and his supporters are stopped at any point.

Containers Set Around Laal Haveli

The police have sealed his house in Rawalpindi with containers to restrict any entry but, despite all the containers set around the Laal Haveli, Sheikh Rasheed made his way to the Chowk, proving that he has grown up running around in the Rawalpindi streets. He had announced it earlier, though that he’ll report at the venue around 4 p.m. to address his supporters who were caught being targeted by the police today, and so he did.

Sheikh Rasheed Arrived on a Bike

Sheikh Rasheed owns a seat in the National assembly and still chose to stand with Imran Khan against the alleged corruption made by the government. He arrived at  Committee Chowk on a bike creating a drama with his swag and was captured by camera running to make his way to the top, so he could be seen. As soon as he reached the top, Sheikh lit a cigar and challenged government to catch him if they can.  He also addressed all media channels and promptly Geo News to cover the people in white claiming that they had arrested about 450 protesters under no allegations. He also explained how brutally the government officials harassed women and kids too.


Shaikh Rasheed's Escape


Currently, Sheikh Rasheed is Trending On Twitter Pakistan


Post-address he took a bike ride again to Laal Haveli. Sheikh Rasheed has set some Thug-life goals this very day.

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