SHEEP Summer Collection 2012 New Arrivals in Store Now

The new SHEEP summer collection 2012 is now available in its Zamzama outlet. The new collection consists of well-stitched shirts with innovative designs. Moreover, the colors used are quite cheerful and vibrant. Some of them are also embroidered with beautiful designs. Others are adorned with buttons and frills. The shirts will certainly make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

SHEEP is a big fashion brand known for its casual wear. The brand was established in 2010 and now has three stores in Karachi. It was founded by iTextiles, which is a trading company representing various products in Pakistan and other countries. SHEEP regularly launches new casual wear. All of their shirts are high-quality, practical and can be worn at work and casual dinners. The designs are always simple but elegant.

Thus, if you are looking for casual wear for your wardrobe, head for the nearest outlet near you and choose from the SHEEP summer collection 2012. Pictures of the latest collection of this brand are given below.


SHEEP Summer Collection 2012 Pictures

source: SHEEPTM

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