Shaz Khan Make Its Way to International Platform With Upcoming Indie Flick

After winning so many hearts over the Pakistan audience, now the talented actor Shaz Khan is heading its way to appear in a Hollywood indie movie titled ‘The Martial Artist’. He made his way to the Instagram account to unveil his new project where he did added that he is going to play an MMA fighter.

This is what Shaz Khan has to say about:

We need to say, this is going to be yet another big achievement for Shaz Khan and we couldn’t be any prouder of him!


He even unveiled the little bit storyline plot of the film where he said that the movie has been based on two brothers in which one brother is the MMA fighter in the Islamic family background. Shaz Khan is playing the role of younger brother where he took the MMA training from his elder brother who could not head his way to the fighting world and wants Younger brother to make his dream come true!

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We are sure that just like within Pakistan this amazing actor will be successfully much in winning the hearts of international audience as well. Till now no further details about the film have been revealed.

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