Shaniera Akram Takes a Dig Shahveer Jafry for Being An Irresponsible Influencer

A lot of Pakistani YouTubers and influencers are these who have been residing abroad their entire lives and visit Pakistan a few times a year, at best. One of these YouTubers happens to be Shahveer Jafry who has a huge audience. And a large chunk of that target audience is from Pakistan and in accordance to his social media; he’s currently in the country.

As he archives his time in Pakistan, a current video he posted to his social media caught the ire of Shaniera Akram. The video is of Shahveer leaning out of the window of a shifting vehicle and screaming. The accompanying caption for the video says ‘Only In Pakistan’.

Shaniera Akram took to her Instagram to criticize Shahveer for how he was once the usage of his influence in the definitely incorrect way. She chastised him for promoting the concept that one can do something the like in Pakistan; which includes breaking laws which are in location for public safety.


She asked him to go to trauma facilities at hospitals with her that are stuffed with cases of human beings who have been in accidents so he can see firsthand just how dangerous it is to do what he was doing in the video.

In the end she tells Shahveer that he must no longer be using his have an impact on for promoting matters like these.

And people appear to be agreeing with what Shaniera bhabi had to say about the issue!

Promoting risky stunts without warnings to an impressionable younger audience is by no means advised. What do you think about Shaniera Akram calling Shahveer Jafri out for his irresponsible stunt?

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