Shahid Khan Makes It Way Into Forbes’ Billionaire List 2019 As The First Pakistani-Origin Businessman

It is that time again when we get another Forbes Billionaire List for 2019. A representative of Pakistani-businessman has likewise made it to the rundown. Shahid Khan as 68 years old was a specialist in terms of professional career and acquired automobile parts provider Flax-N-Gate from his past business in 1980.

He at that point structured a one-of-its-kind truck guard and ended up fruitful in the blink of an eye. The organization presently has 64 plants worldwide and roughly 24,000 workers. He is likewise the proprietor of the NFL establishment Jacksonville Jaguars which he acquired in 2012 just as the Fulham Football Club which he bought in 2013.


In 2014, he was conveyed a 300-ft superyacht named ‘Kismet’ which took 6 years to assemble and he has likewise given $25mn to institute of matriculation, University of Illinois.

His system remains at $6.8 billion which makes him positioned at #224 on Forbes Billionaire List 2019. There are so many more names out in the list where we have no doubt the name of Bill Gates as usual.  This is a big achievement for Pakistan where a businessman is representing in Forbes list 2019!

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