Shahid Afridi’s Biography ‘Game Changer’ Get the Release of April 30th

Shahid Khan Afridi is one of the reputable players from the cricket ground and is much famous known for the nicknames of Lala and Boom Boom. He has been holding so many numbers of records in the International Cricket. He even got the honor of making upon with the most number of man of the match awards in T-20 cricket and also he took the most number of wickets in T-20 cricket, he has hit the most number of sixes in ODI cricket and the list goes on and on.

He is currently running the ownership of an NGO named as Shahid Afridi Foundation and also running his own clothing brand named as Shahid Afridi. There is book written on the personal and professional career of this player and the book is named as Game changer.  This book will also be bringing upon the player passion and dedication for the sports and cricket and also the scandals and controversies he had to face in his cricketing career and how he got a chance to play an International match at the age of 16.


The book has been written by Wajahat Saeed Khan. Wajahat is an Emmy-award nominated Pakistani multimedia journalist. He has produced and anchored for Pakistan’s major cable networks, reported for the side of the international networks as well as edited and written for local, regional and global publications.

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