Shah Rukh Khan: I Want To Buy A Plane, But Don’t Have The Money

The most richest and famous Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan says that he wants to buy a plane but he does not have the money to buy one.

Recently, the actor said:

“I want to buy a private plane because I can do a lot more work but I don’t have enough money to buy it.”

The star said that he does not have enough buy to buy his own private jet as he invests all the money in his film.

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“I have two options, buy a plane or invest in a film. So I always invest in my films.”

The actor also opened about his personal life. When asked about his biggest worry in life, the actor said that he is on a level when there are a lot of things he has to look at. The biggest worry for Shah Rukh Khan is that he has to care and think about everyone.

Sometimes, I say that I don’t want to care about anyone, somebody please take care of me,” the ‘Dilwale’ star said.

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