Shah Rukh Khan admires Mahira Khan

The actress of Pakistan, Mahira Khan, is very beautiful and wonderful. This gorgeous lady has given us lots of hit movies. She is in the limelight these days as she is busy in a movie of bolly wood along with the King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan. There have been much talks and conversation about how well Mahira khan will perform in this movie.

Mahira Khan opposite SRK

Previously we had made it clear that almost all Pakistani celebs are shown to be busy doing works in bollywood. Some of them are paving their ways to enter the industry. Mahira khan was lucky to get a chance to join hands with SRK for Raees. For this movie, the adorable Pakistani actress went to India.

Initially she was nervous and confused of how will she face such a big star of Indian film industry. With the passage of days, Shah Rukh Khan proved to be a good companion to work with.

In an interview, Shahrukh khan, has in fact, admired Mahira khan. He has said that Mahira Khan is really a hard working girl.

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Mahira Khan


He further said that she is her lovely Pakistani co star and holds positive attitude throughout her job.

This all makes us believe that Mahira is surely going to get as high success in bollywood as Fawad khan has already gotten.

We know that bolly wood is an industry with much competition. Working here will not be easy for a Pakistani girl initially. Mahira khan, in this regard, seemed to be serious. And thanks to her dedication and hard work that are now making us believe that she will surely secure a good position in bolly wood.

We cannot say for sure when will she come back to Pakistan after completing her movie. But this is sure that Mahira will get lots more.

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