Shaan And Ali Zafar Word War Of Patriotism

‘Patriotism’ is a Vigorous Support to One’s Country by any means. People show their patriotism in different ways like by paying their services for their country or by writing about their homeland and so on. Let’s see what patriotism according to our celebrities is. Read the Shaan and Ali Zafar Word war of patriotism and tell us who is wrong and who is Right! And what is the overcome of their fight.

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Shaan and Ali Zafar both are the best in their fields. Shaan has performed many movies of Pakistan including many flops and hits. Ali Zafar is a popular Pakistani singer, model and actor. Click here to see his complete profile. On the First ARY Film Awards the stage was shining with the stars of Film industry. The Award Ceremony became more interested when Shaan criticized those Pakistani artists who are working on Bollywood platform by saying them ‘Cheap Sell-Outs’ and also accused them that they have made Bollywood as shortcut to their success.
It was much unexpected speech by Shaan. Javed Sheikh and Zeba Bakhtiyar was also present in the ceremony and it was a bitter remarks for them too. The Stage became battlefield when ARY Film Awards presented ‘International Icon of the Year Award’ to Ali Zafar.
Ali Zafar gave a small speech in the reply of Shaan criticism. Ali Zafar said that it is shameful to call the artists ‘Cheap Sell Outs’ who have worked in Bollywood because many legends such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Salma Agha, Zeba Bakhtiyar, Amanat Ali and Atif Aslam have worked there and made their mark in International showbiz industry. He also said that we make excuses to hide our weakness on the name of patriotism or other things but the time has come when new generation should be told the truth.


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I remember when I was too young , I saw Shaan’s interview on TV in which he criticized Late Sultan Rahi (he was alive at that time) on performing ‘Gujjar’ roles by saying that it is not said to be a hero if someone picks a stick and shout in high voice and do thug’s roles . But after the death of Sultan Rahi he accepted all his roles and also performed same Gujjar roles. Now too he repeated history and criticized. May be people will see him too on Bollywood Screen after sometime.

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Most of the people also think that Shaan has not presented the right definition of patriotism. It was a simple criticism with professional jealousy. Skills and Arts should not be limited to geographical boundaries.
Tell us with whom is your support in the Shaan and Ali Zafar Word War of Patriotism?

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