Senator Sherry Rehman Getting High Trolls For Enjoying Organic Fruit In Iftari While Poor Sindhis Suffer

Senator sherry rehman possibly idea she become simply sharing a picture of her iftari with everybody. She desired to boast approximately the lovely non-GM fruit being grown in Pakistan’s orchards that taste first-rate even without artificial assist.

Human beings reminded the senator, that while she enjoys her culmination, there are millions of Pakistanis who do not have the identical luxury. Others talked about how there are humans in thar death every day because of malnutrition

And seeing that she is a senator from Sindh, in which Thar is, maybe she have to recognition on the problem in place of ignoring it. A whole lot of humans tweeted at her with statistics from Thar in addition to heartbreaking headlines popping out from the region. Sherry Rehman isn’t the only ppp baby-kisser who gets trolled for the situation in Sindh on every occasion she posts something unrelated.


A variety of humans generally tend to remind PP politicians approximately the dire situation in Thar and commonly, all the questions related to Thar or the overall situation of Sindh is left out. These days bakhtawar bhutto spoke back to a ‘troll’ who talked about PPP’s loss of movement against the deteriorating circumstance of their domestic province, Sindh.

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