See What Mahira Khan Shared About Her Divorce In Media

Mahira Khan, the classy actress and style icon who is the heart of millions, recently and finally spoke about her divorce in media. She finally confessed her divorce news with her husband Ali Askari.

In her interview in leading English newspaper  Mahira confirms her divorce with Ali Askari with the statement, ”There are some topics which you want to keep private wen ou are a constant in public eyes.”

”When I’m working in Karachi, I’m just like another working Mum, I’m constantly with Azlan while I’m home and while I was in India, Azlan was with his father  or with my parents. It made thing easier for me.”

In another show Tonight With HSY, Mahira said, that ” The only man in her life is Azlan, her son”.

After the success of drama serial HUMSAFAR, problems got started in Mahira’s life. She never releaed the eason of her divorce in media. It was the end of 2012 when she got divorced from Ali Askari.


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Mahira Khan confirms her divorce

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