Secure Tips To Avoid Breast Cancer

Any disease can easily be cured if patient has proper and completely knowledge of the disease. It is extremely important for every woman to get important information about breast cancer. According to recent research that breast cancer is the most dangerous and serious form of cancer. According to recent survey that 90 percent of breast cancers are occurred because of various genetic abnormalities. It’s not possible for women to control her genetic inheritance but she can implement certain steps in order to minimize the chances of breast cancer. Now we would like to mention main causes and important tips to avoid breast cancer. The most important cause of breast cancer is that those women who deliver their first child after the age of 30 years have maximum chances of suffering from breast cancer. Secondly, breast feeding reduces the chances of breast cancer. For those women who breast feed for almost more than a year reduces the chances of breast cancer. Thirdly, starting the phase of puberty at very younger age also increasing the chances of breast cancer. It is extremely important for women to maintain healthy body by well balanced food and regular exercise.


Now we would like to mention precautionary steps for avoiding the breast cancer. The main and important precautionary steps are as follows:

  1. The most important precautionary step to avoid breast cancer is that every woman should conduct monthly breast examination by her regular doctor.
  2. Secondly, overweight women also have increased chances of breast cancer. So women should control their excessive weight.
  3. Last important precautionary step is that women should avoid using breast enhancing creams. These creams or cosmetics badly disrupt the hormonal system.

Finally, these are important and basic secure tips for avoiding breast cancer. In order to avoid the chances of breast cancer every women should implement the above precautionary steps.

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