Sania Mirza tweet on Asifa Bano and Indians reaction on SAnia Mirza.

Sania Mirza is the best tenice  player of India but  she goes through various problems after getting marriage with Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik.Last days a 8 years old girl was killed in India after gang rape.The people from every profession protest against the innocent girl murder in the same way Sania Mirza Tweet about it by saying “Is this really a country where we want to be known as to the world today.???If we can nnot stand up for this 8 years old girl regardless of our gender,cast ,colour or religion than we do not stand for any thing evenhumanity.

Shahid Afridi expressed his anger .

Shahid Afridi mostly known as Lala G is the most favorite and best cricketer of Pakistan also expressed his anger on Asifa Bano murder by saying” Whether 6 years old Zainab of Kasur oammu,these barbaric Inhumane acts should b condemned and those behind should b punished to the max …these cases be a lesson for the culprits whr no daughter will ever be subjected to this henious act..


Some other stars talks about the Little princess Asifa..

Asifa Bano was killed in India and many star give statement about Asifa like Farhan says,”Imagine what goes through the mind of an 8 years old girl as she drugged  held captive gang raped over days then murder ..if u do not feel her terror you are not humane .If u do not demand justice for Asifa you belong to nothing.Karrena kapoor khan and the super star Shah Rukh Khan also take part and demand justice for Asifa.


What is the main Question??

All this shows that every person who have a humane heart condemnt Asifa murder .some Indians stars also give statemnts about her gang rape but why only Sania Mirza threats for her tweet…Is that true that due to geting married with a Pakistani????wheather yes or not its her right to rises her voice against a cruel act…

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