Sania Mirza Step Ahead to Defend Hasan Ali After People Trolled Him For Eating Pizza After Matches

Zainab abbas lately did a bromance take a look at with them and we can all agree that the friendship between hasan ali and shadab khan is surely cute however there was one thing that had human beings pressured. Hasan ali found out that he didn’t recollect pizza a junk food.

Properly in step with hasan, pizza isn’t taken into consideration junk meals because it helps him after a match for healing. How properly do shadab khan and hassan ali understand each other? They took on ‘best pairs’ with blended success. But that did not prevent humans on twitter from getting splendid harassed and joking approximately hasan’s love for pizza.

Regardless of humans making a few jokes right here and there regarding hasan’s declaration, sania mirza, like the extremely good bhabi she is, stepped in to make clear hasan’s factor


Similar to the tweet above, sania too warned hasan in opposition to the greater cheese and believes the gourmet ones are clearly beneficial as they offer gamers with carbs after a strenuous play. A choose few individuals idea that sania bhabi most effective said this to get the Pakistani cricketers to fatten up so the indians would have a risk to win the cup.

In reality, it’s fine to see sania stepping in to aid fellow sportsmen, regardless of the tough times both nations are facing. Additionally, who doesn’t like some explanation which can allow us to devour extra pizza?

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