Sana Nawaz – Biography and Portfolio

Sana Nawaz is considered to be one of the most sizzling and famous model and actress. Sana is an innovative, enterprising and extremely talented artist who has made her mark in Film Acting emerging from Lollywood and entering the International scenario with a bang. And today we will have an insight about her hobbies, personal life and career.

Sana Nawaz was born on 26 April 1972 and started her career as a television actress. Shafique Husain is a relative of her mother and was an assistant producer on PTV at that time, gave Sana her first break. Despite the fact that her first file Jannat Ki Taash in 1999 was a failure, she did not lose heart or hope and her second film Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa released in 2002 became a big hit. Some of her other film’s that became a success includes

  1. Kyun Tum Say Itna Pyar Hai
  2. Kaafila

There are many other films Sana has worked in; we have listed some of them below

 Chooriyan 1998

Desan Da Raja 1999

Insaniyat Ke Qatil 1999

Jannat Ki Talash 1999

Mujhe Jeene Do 1999

Sala Bigra Jaye 1999

Talabgar 2009 

Miss Top 10 2009

Ek Daulat Ki Hawis 2007

 Anokhi Shikaran 2007

Mahi Sohna 2008 

Khoufnak 2008

Khulay Aasaman Kay Neechay 2008 

Talabgar 2009

Nach kay Yaar Manana 2009 

Miss X 2009 

Wehsi Badmash 2009 

Lahori Shehzadey 2006 

Sharif Gujjar 2006

Athra 2006

Puttar Shahiye da 2007 

Murshid Badshah 2007

And the list goes on. She has also worked in some indain films when inquired upon casted in an Indian film about her feelings, she said

“I do not feel good expressing extra jubilation over such projects. Artists working in other countries are normal. The world has now become a global village. There should be no boundaries for artists and they should be able perform anywhere.”

She also appears in Geo’s Drama repeatedly. She has played a supporting role in Geo’s Drama yeh Zindagi Hai. Her only film of 2009 Ishq Be Parwah which was released in January 2009 was not the success Sana was hoping for on the contrary the film was considered to be a big disaster. Her recent film Haseeno Ka Mela which was released in February 2010 also became the prime target of negative reviews by both the critics and the general public. She was criticized on her choice of outfits. And the music of movie was described as “Bad Choreography and Bad Dancing”. Despite her few failures she is considered to be among the best artists that Pakistan has produced and the Asian Industry has seen and has won lots of awards for her performances over the years.

Sana describes herself to be a straight forward and down to earth person who is concerned only with her own work. Her remarks on Meera’s claim about death Threats

I agree there are restrictions in Pakistan. You can have bold and steamy scenes to a certain limit but nowhere near what happens in Bollywood. The Hindi film industry may be far bolder than its counterpart in Pakistan, but that’s no reason to believe Meera’s allegations that she received death threats for deciding to act in Nazar (2005). It was all self-created publicity and everybody knows the reason why she did it.”

We certainly can see the straight forwardness there!!!

She also considers herself to be someone with lots of ambitions. She loves sports such as swimming squash and riding. Some of Sana’s International Coworkers are off the view that she is really an actress with a lot of talent and depth and they love working with her as she is most hassle free actress, enthusiastic and ready to experiment.

Sana Nawaz got engaged to a model and a co-actore Fakhar Imam on the 15 of july 2007. The couple tied the knot on December 13, 2008.And are happily married to the present date.

We wish Sana a prosperous and a happy life ahead.




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