Sana Javed Leading On All Fronts As Khaani And Mehrunisa

Sana Javed  Leading On All Fronts As Khaani And  Mehrunisa, Didn’t we tell you Sana Javed was on a high road to success? Well the actress is killing it just about everywhere. While she preps for her upcoming drama Romeo Weds Heer, the gorgeous beauty is enjoying being the leading trend on YouTube. Sana Javed’s debut film Mehrunisa V Lub U and her very successfully running drama Khaani are on YouTube’s top trend with more views than you can imagine. And with the smashing success these two projects have enjoyed on the box office, along with the growing craze of the gorgeous Sana Javed, it’s only fair that we say this is Sana Javed’s year to claim as her own.

Khaani’s teaser gained more than 2M views in just two days. The drama that airs every Monday on Geo has managed to win hearts and is earning critical acclaim from the audience for its very interesting story and take on love, power and politics. Sana Javed with her impressive performance and sizzling chemistry alongside Feroze Khan is no doubt setting screens on fire.

Sana Javed Leading On All Fronts As Khaani And Mehrunisa

And not only that, Sana’s cinematic debut Mehrunisa V Lub U that starred Sana as the beautiful Mehru, trapped in the hustle and bustle of Karachi, is again listed amongst the top trends on YouTube. Playing the titular character in her debut and winning hearts in the country with her believable portrayal of Mehru, Sana Javed certainly deserves all the love and praise coming her way from her fans. MVLU carried a very special message and went on to become a hit, earning great numbers on the box office during its run time. The songs, the settings and Sana Javed in the film, look absolutely beautiful and won hearts everywhere.

Javed’s phenomenal performance in Khaani has been praised by all. The headstrong girl who defies Mir Hadi and looks him straight into the eye has become a favorite character by far. Khaani is breaking all TRP records with a peak rating of 12.1 and no doubt is trending on #1 on YouTube due to Javed’s and Feroze Khan’s crackling chemistry.

Sana Javed Leading On All Fronts As Khaani And Mehrunisa

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Alhamdullilah 😊9.12 and peak ratings of 12.6

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Check out YouTube for yourself and see how Sana Javed is leading on all fronts with her exceptional work. And by the way, this is just the beginning, Sana Javed is going more places this year, and on merit!

Sana Javed Leading On All Fronts As Khaani And Mehrunisa

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