Sana Javed Embarked On A High Road To Success In 2017

We adored her on television and then the audience went berserk over her beauty in Mehrunisa V Lub U! Yes, we’re referring to the beautiful Sana Javed, an actress on a high road to success, with a star power that lately seems to know no bounds. From earning rave reviews in Yasir Nawaz’s big hit Mehrunisa V Lub U to conquering hearts in her current drama serial Khaani, Sana Javed is a quiet yet talented actress who lets her skills do the talking.

Sana Javed Embarked On A High Road To Success In 2017

Sana made her television debut back in 2012 with a supporting role in Shehr-e-Zaat. Today, if you look at Sana, you’ll see the same porcelain beauty but an actress who has accomplished a lot in the past five years. From a shy, hesitant girl, Sana has taken upon roles which define her versatility as an actress and her strength as a woman.

Sana Javed Embarked On A High Road To Success In 2017

Sana as Mehru in MVLU

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Sana Javed did a wonderful job as the scared beauty of the North trapped in the hustle and bustle of Karachi in Mehrunisa V Lub U

Javed, as Sanam Khan aka Khaani

Sana Javed as Khaani in the drama serial  is just an example of how much growth Sana javed  has skilled as an actress since her Pyare-e-Afzal days.

Sana Javed in a Mehreen Jabbar directorial


Sana was also a part of Mehreen Jabbar directorial telefilm opposite Feroze Khan. The duo’s chemistry will definitely be the talk of the town once the telefilm is out.

As a strong but fun character in upcoming Romeo Weds Heer

And if that hasn’t been enough, Javed has also started shooting for Romeo Weds Heer, this one alongside Feroze Khan too. Truly a hit pair, Sana and Feroze will spread magic in this amazing tale of love and make you smile.

Sana in Nomi Ansari’s Qubool Hai

In 2017, Sana’s donned gorgeous sarees and danced up north in Mehrunisa V Lub U. She also challenged Mir Hadi, face to face, eye for an eye, in Khaani. Not to forget the ethreal beauty Sana looked for Nomi Ansari’s fashion film of the year, Qubool Hai. To sum it up, 2017 has been Sana Javed’s year. The girl has tried a flavor of each and everything the industry has to offer and mind you, she’s delivered, very well!

Sana Javed Embarked On A High Road To Success In 2017

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