Samina Peerzada Statement on Shy People is Taking Internet to a High Debate Storm

Samina’s approach to interviewing her guests has usually been tainted with placing inquisitiveness and overt curiosity, and it’s regularly gotten her in trouble.

Samina Peerzada’s brand new episode of ‘Rewind With Samina Peerzada’ had model-turned-actor Emmad Irfani disclose his dark childhood and struggles of growing up in a poisonous family setting. The actress, when speakme to Emmad about how he struggled as an introvert, impetuously stated that people who are shy will both become “writers, poets, lyricists or musicians” – and if they don’t go into these fields, they’ll go into drugs.

While this is most likely a very ill-conceived opinion, we apprehend where she would possibly be coming from.

Samina’s factor may insinuate that shy/introverted humans have a tendency to be very innovative and have energetic imaginations, and therefore go into rather specialized fields like writing or poetry – and if they can’t positively channel their inventiveness, then they might resort to something bad (drugs).


It’s a stretch, however, she needs to apprehend that in Pakistani society, injudicious (and very black-and-white) remarks like these can’t be made. Being a host of a extensively popular channel capability sensitivity has to brim in the utmost capacity; for the actors’ sakes who are opening up to you (it can’t be easy) and for audiences watching.

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