Sami Khan Wife Shut Down Trolls for Body Shaming Her

We all know that Sami khan is named to be one of the versatile and one of the best actors of the drama industry where he did earned a big name by appearing in strong and different roles. Social media followers have been always trolling the wives of the good looking actors where the wives of Fawad Khan and Zahid Ahmed have been troll so many times. But now its time for the Sami Wife to be on the hit list!

Previously the couple had their wedding anniversary where his wife shared a love tweet with a picture on the social media to wish her husband. But it seems like the audience was much interested to be concerned about the body shape of his wife and she was brutally body shame!

So many trolls were hitting hard on her body shape and weight but on one of the rude trolls she shut down the hater with the words as below:


Celebrity wives are not linked with the showbiz world so we never understand the point that why they are being trolled all the time! We think she did absolutely right by shutting down the hater who should not be concerned about her body weight.

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