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Saman Hasnian is considered to be one of the most beautiful women of Pakistan and a very beautiful female model.She has innate talent for acting and modeling in abundance.Because of her good looks and classy style she was the major attraction of many famous designers  directors and producers.She is said to be a very soft spoken person with a very humble, calm and down to earth attitude. One of her major attraction is this disposition of her. Her beauty might be the first thing that would attract one to her, but what keep people interested in her is this down to earth attitude of hers. She is also known for her beautiful smile. It is said that she has the most beautiful smile in Pakistani film and Television industry. And in this article we will discuss the personal and professional life of this extraordinary model and actress.saman hasnain pictures

Personal Life of Saman Hasnian

Saman Hasnian was born in Lahore, Punjab Pakistan. She was born into a Muslim Family. She is 37 years old. Saman has done her bachelors from Kinnaird College Lahore For Women. She is presently married to Jawad Hasnain, who did his graduation from Purdue college. Parents of two boys, Jawad and Saman hailed from Lahore, and lived in San Jose in California for almost 10 years. They shifted back to Pakistan few years back, due to some issue. Saman Hasnian is considered to be a very caring and loving mother. She did not pursue her career as a model because her family.

Though she is very much into social and charity work.  Her aim is to make education in Pakistan ubiquitous. And for that she has engaged her self  with different projects like building hundreds of schools in remote areas of Pakistan. And not only this, she is convinced many NGO’s to support her dream of an educated Pakistan and is presently working with different NGO’s for education under privileged people.

Professional Life of Saman Hasnian

Saman Hasnain is counted among the most beautiful women of Pakistan. In-fact in the year 2008, she was recognized as the most beautiful woman of Pakistan. Saman Hasnian won the title of Mrs. Pakistan world, in the year 2008. The winning reward for this title was $15,000, and without a doubt she spent most of it in charity work. Beside winning the title of Mrs Pakistan, she won awards like best dress in the event. And also the best smile award. And even now, her smile is considered to be a one of her major attractions. Everyone loves her smile.

This is not all, she was even served with the pride of performance award by Safeer-e-Pakistan. It is Saman Hasnian aim to make her self a role model for Pakistani women, not only in Pakistan but international  To change the conventional image of Pakistani Women in the world. To show the world that, Pakistani women are as good as any other woman, in any other part of the world. When she won her Mrs Pakistan contest she said:

“I hope to act as a role model, and encourage, educate and motivate Pakistani women to help achieve a strong and progressive Pakistan,” the website stated.”



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