Saleem Sheikh Profile And Pictures

When talking about one of the oldest and still the leading actors and model of Pakistani fashion, television world the name that always come to our mind is Saleem Sheikh. Saleem  Sheikh is considered among the leading stars not only as an actor but also as a very famous model of both the Television industry and the fashion industry. Beside working in drams and doing modeling Saleem has also done quite some work in Pakistani film industry. And even there he has made his mark. In this article we will discuss Saleem Sheikh Profile and Pictures, will through a light on his personal habits, his hobbies etc.

Personal Life Of Saleem Sheikh

Saleem Sheikh Profile And Pictures

Saleem Sheikh was born on March 15, 1967. He among those star of the industry who are well liked and respected. Because of his down to earth attitude almost every one likes him and want to work with him. His connection to the industry are not limited to only him but his brother Javed Sheikh is also a very well know actor. During an interview when he was asked:Working in the Shadow of your elder brother who was a star, has this given you some advantage ? He said

Because of him I did get facilitated in seeking entry into ‘power corridors’ of the film world; yet the comparison with him by the pundits always made me uneasy and I had to get over it through some superb performances.

Saleem married in the year 1999 to Nousheen and still is happily married. During an interview when he was asked to share something about his family with the media, he said

My three lovely daughters are my heart and soul. Time spent with them is incredibly heartwarming and Nosheen, my life partner is always a source of inspiration.

Again when he was inquired about his favourite actress, actor and director he said

Nicholas Cage, Demi More & Amir Khan.

One major reason behind his being a succssful person is time management. During an interview when he was asked: How do you schedule your daily routine ? he said

Depends on my workload if there is no shoot then family is my first love. And that is also the time when I passionately watch top of the line movies and listen to music. While watching movies I act as a learner, a critic and add to my reservoir of finer points.

Professional Life Of Saleem Sheikh

Saleem Sheikh started her career at a very young age. As a child star his debut drama was Shama in 1976 which was aired on PTV and he played the role of young Javed Sheikh, who is also his brother. Then as a grown up actor his first drama was Sunehrey Din in 1989 which was also aired on PTV and was directed by one of the legends of direction of Pakistani Industry Shoib Mansoor. Saleem did not limit himself only to TV and fashion world, but also worked is many movies.His first film was Mohabat ke saudagar released in 1992. And in an interview he was asked : You have had a long relationship with the film world; how has this turned out to be career wise ? he said

Yes, the relationship has yielded results, certainly fruitful from my point of view; I have done a lot of films, some very successful and I have a large fan following.The film medium however is under tremendous stress, facing competition from the channels and needs to gear up by producing quality work.

In the end he was inquired about his plans for the future as an actor or producer, to which he said

Currently I am busy producing dramas for TV channels. And I plan to diversify into other areas of business in the next couple of years.


List of Saleem Sheikh Movies

  • Mohabat ke saudagar in 1992.
  • Duniya Dus Numberi, in 1993.
  • Qassam in 1993.
  • Chief Saab in 1996.
  • Yes Boss in 1997.
  • Kaheen pyar na hojaye in 1997.
  • Aik Aur Love Story in 1999.
  • Yeh Dil Apka Howa in 2002.
  • Khulay Aasman Kay Neechay in 2008.


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