Sadaf Kanwal Pictures And Profile

Here we will discuss and share Sadaf Kanwal pictures and profile. As we know that Pakistani fashion industry is filled with so many talented male and female models. If we make a list of young and fresh female models in Pakistani fashion industry then we should mention the name of Sadaf Kanwal. She is an emerging and fresh fashion model. She entered into the fashion world since few years back. Well, we can say that she is a beautiful, hot and talented model. In this post, we will discuss the personal and professional life of Sadaf Kanwal.

Sadaf Kanwal Personal Life

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Fashion model Sadaf Kanwal was born on 29th August 1993. Her place of birth is Karachi. She has been working as a fashion model since few years back. She has brown colored eyes. We can say that she is a model of beauty, style with brains. If we talk about her height then her height is 5 feet and 7 inches.

Sadaf Kanwal Professional Life

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After discussing the personal life of Sadaf Kanwal briefly, now we would like to discuss the professional life of Sadaf Kanwal. Well, this fashion model completely believes on the three elements of success such as hard work, devotion as well as dedication. Moreover, Sadaf Kanwal walked on many ramps in various fashion shows. Recently, she walked on the ramp for Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2014. Furthermore, beautiful model has done modeling for different clothing brands like Umsha by Uzma Babar, Maria B, Shariq Textiles and many more. Moreover, she also enlightened on the covers of various fashion magazines such as SHE, Sunday Plus and many more. We would like to mention that she looks beautiful in every type of outfit whether eastern outfit or western outfit. She knows how to carry the dress in an elegant way.

For the fans of Sadaf Kanwal, we are sharing her latest and hot pictures. In all the pictures we can say that Sadaf Kanwal looks beautiful. Overall, we can say that Sadaf Kanwal is a best addition in the world of Pakistani fashion industry.


Few Pictures Of Sadaf Kanwal Fashion Model

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