Saboor Aly Opens up About Massive Backlash over Her Video On ‘Window Cleaner’

Saboor Aly just reacted about the window cleaner debate however the general population are not having it. Entertainer Saboor Aly as of late experienced harsh criticism for her most recent Instagram story where she was discovered ridiculing a man cleaning windows.

Her Instagram story became famous online and she went under gigantic analysis for making jokes that appeared to be amazingly heartless and stinking of benefit. In her video, Saboor can be heard poking fun at the window cleaning man carrying out his responsibility, alongside individual entertainer Saheefa Jabbar Khattak. On-screen character Affan Waheed was heard attempting to avoid the discussion far from joke and individuals valued him.

Saboor has turned into a top pattern in Pakistan. Likewise see, Affan, is additionally drifting.  What’s more, presently, Saboor has open about the statement in her defense from the social media backlash! This is what Saboor has to say:


Individuals on her post have reacted with disclosing to her paying little respect to something being an inside joke, the video she put out radiates an extremely negative recognition to naive personalities. This individual even requested that her make a subsequent video with the Associate Director “companion” of hers and permitting him the opportunity to state what she’s protecting herself for.

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