Saboor Aly Made a Fun of Window Cleaner in Her Video and Internet is Getting Crazy Over It

Saboor Aly just amazingly transferred an Instagram story whereby she was seen ridiculing an individual who was cleaning the windows.  It has gone to our notice that the said individual is the DOP/Assistant Director on set. The joke, in any case, is as yet hazardous in light of the fact that his genuine calling was an inside joke and Saboor’s joke put on a show of being heartless without setting.

The on-screen character posted a 30-second video for her whereby she was seen sitting mid-take with entertainers Saheefa Jabbar Khattak and Affan Waheed.

In the video, Saboor was recording the window cleaner as he cleaned a window snickering and she said “kya khwaab dekh ker iss ki mama ne issey ghar se bheja tha.”

She asks Saheefa her sentiment on the window cleaner, who reacts with a snicker and furthermore includes herself in ridiculing the man.

Saboor asked Affan what he thought, and he reacted by saying that “mehnat kar raha hai.”  Affan looked somewhat awkward and did not share in the joke.



Upsetting that we effectively live in an exceedingly classist society and for entertainers like Saboor who have a compelling voice in Pakistan, to disparage somebody for the work they do is both unsatisfactory and sickening to the most elevated degree.

Sorry Saboor, however this is actually detestable of you, and there truly isn’t any returning.

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