Saboor Ali Shares a Heart-felt Warming Message on Ahad Sajal Engagement for the Couple

Well as at one side all the celebrities and fans have been sharing their best wishes and congratulations for the Ahad Sajal engagement news, on the other side, how can we miss out sharing the lovely message of Saboor Ali for the sister engagement and how much emotional she is.  Saboor ali is the younger sister of Sajal ali and she has been always open about her love and sister affectionate bonding she has with her sister.

On the day of the engagement, Saboor Ali shares a heartwarming message for the couple on the special day that was so much emotional to talk about. Check out how she expresses her sister love:


Well this is so special and the words she wrote shows that how much close she is with her sister after her mother died. In a much sweet gesture she is also welcoming Ahad Raza Mir as part of their family and her words shows that the couple has been dating long ago but they never unveil it to others.

But we are happy for the couple and we are just waiting around for the time when the couple would finally be coming up with their marriage date!

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