Saba Qamar & Shaan Shahid to Star Together in a Project! What it is?

Its time to watch the pairing of Saba Qamar and Shaan Shahid on the screens because these two celebrities are all set to be signed in a project together! Recently the shooting picture of this couple has been leaked out on the social media that has created a buzz around that for what project they are signed together. Check out this picture:

Both of them are emerging and well known celebrity stars of the entertainment world and both of them have earned much reputation by acting in versatile roles in so many films and dramas. And now this talent from the film industry and drama industry has joint hands on the TV screen and everybody is hitting their mind that what this project will be all about! Will it be the web series or some drama or some project!


No such inside details about the project has been reveal and just this one picture has been leaked out by the inside sources!  We will keep on updating more set of inside stories about this storyline for the fans and will soon be updating what this project is all about!

Stay tuned!

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