Saba Qamar Forced to Raise her Voice for Meesha Shafi By an Indian Fan

Jaya Joshi mentioned to Saba Qamar that she should raise her voice against the abhorrence of Sexual Harassment. As we as a whole know, Saba Qamar left her sign of perfection in acting while she worked In Bollywood, and individuals over the fringe have been empowering and supporting her acting abilities from that point forward. Most as of late, a video surfaced on YouTube from an Indian fangirl, Jaya Joshi from Bombay.

In the video, she at first commended the way that: ‘Pakistani dramatizations are 100% superior to anything the feline poo being created by Indian show industry.’ She further said that: ‘For her, Saba Qamar’s acting aptitudes, ability, and decisions are on top’.


Jaya Joshi connected with Saba Qamar worried over the issue that has been a standout amongst the most questionable and genuine of its inclination. She encouraged Saba Qamar in her video message, in reference to her execution in the on-going show sequential ‘Cheekh’, Saba is by all accounts the sort of individual who doesn’t stay quiet over any bad behavior since it’s helpful. Jaya mentioned Saba in her long attracted video message to ‘Loan her legitimate voice to Meesha on this case as she needs support’.

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