Saba Hameed is on vacations at Edinburg UK !

Saba Hameed is a great mentor of her Juniors in media Industry. She seems a strong pillar of this industry. She is Pakistan Television actress. She born in Lahore. Her father “Hameed Akhtar” was writer and a columnist. She got married to Syed Parveiz Shafi with whom she had two daughters but later got seperated. Then she remarried Waseem Abbas who is also a part of entertainment Industry. She has a son “Ali Abbas” with him whi is also actor. Saba Hameed started her career as an actoress in 1978 on television and had also worked in theater.

See Saba Hameed is Vacationing At Edinberg UK :

Have a look ; Saba Hameed is enjoying fully with her friends at Edinberg.


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