Rubab Pakistani Model Pics and Biography

Another one of leading actress of Pakistani Industry is Rubab. She is considered to one of the best talent Pakistani industry has produced so far. Because of her down to earth nature, she is a darling of everyone. Almost everyone in the industry praises and likes her because of her humble nature and calm attitude. And it is assumed that if she keeps on working like this, she will become very successful one day. This Petite figure and delicate features, Pakistani fashion model Rubab is also seen on TV commercials and music videos, following the footsteps of others like Iffat Rahim and Vaneeza AhmedThis Pakistani fashion model looks glamorous dressed in traditional attire, in particular a bridal dress.


Personal Life of Rubab

Rubab real name is Amber Masood but almost everyone knows her by the name Rubab. She was born in karachi to a muslim house. She is a family oritented type of a person. When asked during an interview Who are the most significant people in your life?  she said

My son, my close friends and my husband

On another interview she was asked : Where’s the best place to be? 

London or maybe my home!!! 

She has a very down to earth attitude and believes in honesty, which is very rare in the field she is in, during an interview she was asked What is the cutest thing about you?, she replied

My smile and my honesty

Her hobbies are to travel and to shop, she simply loves shopping and is kind of a brand freak but then her profession demands that. Once she was asked What’s your favorite fashion purchase? she said

My Victoria Beckham jeans and Feragamo glasses.

We can see the brands there right ??? She also love music, Rubab prefer’s low music. During an interview she was asked about What your idea of a Perfect day? she said :

Sometimes I want to be alone as my usual life is too hectic, so I guess some private moments listening to old hindi songs on my iPod! 

Career Life Of Rubab

Rubab has been a darling of many fashion designers, choreographers and media, as she models with style and elegance.Pakistani Fashion Model has earned a unique place in Pakistan’s fashion industry owing to her beauty. Like other models, attractive and unwavering Pakistani fashion model Rubab is often seen walking down beautifully on the ramp. Owing to her height, this Pakistani fashion model holds a distinction among other Pakistani fashion models and thus is best seen on the ramp. Due to her passion for her work she has achieved fame and success in very little time. When asked about the proudest moment in her professional life and the biggest achievement of her professional life she said:

The proudest moment was when When I got my first Fair and Lovely solo TVC. And the biggest achievement i can’t put a finger on it as there are many such moments in my life. 

She is also considered to be very ambitious. During an interview she was asked What is that you aim in your professional life?She said

To be a successful businesswoman and whatever I do is a hit. 

And we wish Rubab all the best for her hopes, dreams and aims.


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