Romeo Weds Heer- Episode 2 Review

Romeo Weds Heer- Episode 2 Review, After their blockbuster serial Khaani, the ace producers Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi from 7th Sky Entertainment are back with a bang! Their latest project, Romeo Weds Heer is taking the industry by storm and has already become a huge success, with only two episodes aired by now. People are loving it so much and why not? A moment of laughter is all we need to free our minds from the hassles of life, and this drama is filled with a plethora of such moments!

Formerly, we’ve seen Heer and Romeo fighting and playing funny pranks on each other. This week things got even more interesting. Romeo mixed a sleeping pill in Heer’s tea right before her viva and during the viva, she banged her face on the table and fell asleep. To take revenge, Heer mixed a pill in Romeo’s tea cup, which disturbed his stomach. When the professor asked him a question, he answered “washroom”. We all lost it here and burst out laughing.

Heer´s family is overjoyed because Heer´s brother Aflaatoon, showed them Romeo´s picture, as the guy whom Heer wished to marry which is certainly not the case. The confusion will only get Heer into trouble and we can´t wait to see how it unfolds. We also saw Syed Shafaat Ali playing Heer’s behnoi, and we may call him a typical son-in-law.


Having watched the promos and the dance in colorful OST; we expected the sitcom to be absolutely captivating and it won’t be wrong to say it is way beyond our expectations and complete treat to watch! Romeo Weds Heer is a perfect combination of satire and comedy, highlighting the diligence of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. It is definitely on top of our watch list these days, how about you?

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