Rida Collections For Eid 2013 by Sami Textile

Sami Textile is one of the new emerging textile firm in Pakistan.Sami Textile has stepped inn in the field of fashion in year 2013 and since then they have launched so many collection for women.Sami Textile has recently released Rida Collections for eid 2013.

Sami Textile is a newly founded textile mill in our country, who has emerged on the screen of fashion with the aim is to give you a high quality fabrics for your wardrobe.Sami Textile has gained so much fame in a very short time period of their career just because of their stunning collection.Rida Collections is one of the fashion label of Sami Textile who has recently released.Rida Collections for eid 2013 by Sami Textle has launched with full of elegant looks.This collection has consists of total stylish and simple dresses in trendy stitching styles.These dresses have embellished with embroidery and lovely prints on front and back.The colors sued for this eid collection by Sami Textile 2013  are bright such as blue, ferozi, red, pink, orange and so many more.This is a collection which has full of with cuts and hues, having modernity.Girls!! these dresses can also be wear in parties just because of their high qualities.Just wait a bit here and have a look at this collection by Sami Textile here below..

Rida Collections For Eid 2013 by Sami Textile.

Sami Textile Eid Dresses 2013.

Rida Collections For Eid-Ul-Fitr 2013 by Sami Textile 013

Complete Collection.


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