Resham Latest Dance Video Ignites Criticism

Resham Latest Dance Video Ignites Criticism. Resham is a diva who has been in the industry for a long time now. She has been a very successful filmstar and she has worked in hit television projects as well. She started her career from PTV and later went into films. As they say, there was no looking back for Resham after that and she is active in the industry till today. Resham has made her work very sporadic now and only acts in some projects.

Veteran actress, Resham sparked controversy with her opinion about mental health and depression. People expressed their disappointment and frustration with Resham’s comments, with many urging her to educate herself on the topic and to be more sensitive towards those who suffer from depression.

Resham paid a special tribute to famed Pakistani singer Farida Khanum at the Geo Lux Style Awards 2021, with her colorful performance with co-star Ahsan Khan. Resham performed on Farida Khanum’s ever-green songs, taking fans through her decades-long journey as a legendary singer. The Lux Style Awards 2021 also honoured Farida Khanum with a lifetime achievement award at the ceremony.


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