Reham Khan First Interview After Divorce – I Was Not Given My Rights Even After 10 Months

Recently, Reham Khan gave her first interview after divorce with Pakistani politician and former cricketer Imran Khan. This interview was a terrible blow to the fans and supporters of Imran as Reham told many unknown things about Imran Khan.

Here’s what Reham Khan said in her first interview after divorce.

reham khan first interview after divorce


  1. I was not given my rights even after 10 months of marriage.
  2. Imran Khan used to stay away from my kids. My kids used to spend most of their time in their room only.
  3. Imran never gifted me marriage bangles and he has still not returned my marriage ring.
  4. Sisters of Imran Khan were against this marriage and tried their best to stop us marrying each other.
  5. I found papers of magical spells “Taweez” from Imran’s Bani Gala residence. Once, I tried to remove these Taweez papers but the party leaders asked me to stay away from them and never touch them. My “black-magic” tweets were based on this fact!
  6. Imran Khan kept quite for most of the times and he was not romantic.
  7. Imran Khan has no any friend. He always plays with his dogs.
  8. When I came on media after my marriage, one of the party leaders asked me to stay away from the party talks and said that I should only cook chappatis/rotis.
  9. Some party leaders thought that I am here to gain control of the party.
  10. Imran never gave me proper time. He never talked to me except on political matters. Only dogs used to play in our bedroom.
  11. I never asked Imran Khan for divorce. Although, many disputes arose between us, but I tried my best to keep our marriage alive. Imran Khan’s text message on my mobile with the words saying “Talaaq Talaaq Talaaq” was a great shock to me and I couldn’t believe what has happened.
  12. After the divorce, some people accused me of giving poison to Imran Khan and stealing his money. But no any party leader defended me. This came as a great shock to me.
  13. Once, Imran Khan called a spiritual person “Rohani Baba” and asked him that what type of girl Reham Khan is? I felt so much sad at that time.
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