Refreshing Drinks recipes you need to Beat the Heat this Summer

The scorching sun and the summer heat lasts for months.In Such hot climate, people always quests for something refreshing. with such high temperatures and hot air blowing, it’s way too hard for people to continue with their daily chores. i will share some blasting recipes of refreshing drinks. these refreshing drinks can help you to beat the heat in summers. made from natural ingredients,these drinks will give you instant energy. also feasible for those facing blood pressure issues.

Refreshing drinks recipe

Refreshing Drinks recipes:

  • Milk Soda:

    This is perhaps might be the easy and quick heat fix. all you need is:

    1.           chilled milk
    2.           chilled sprite or 7up
    3.           lots of ice
    4.           Blend and blend for 5 mins. serve cold.
  • Sattu Drink:

    1. To make chane ka sattu flour at home, roast 1/4 cup of roasted chick peas for 2-3 mts, grind to a powder.
    2. In a bowl, add the roasted chickpeas powder and water and mix well. Add grated jaggery and mix well it till dissolves.
    3. Add black salt and mix. Pour into glasses, add ice cubes and serve.

Refreshing drinks recipe01


  • Classic Lemonade: a pitcher combine lemon juice, chilled sugar syrup and chilled water according to taste.

    2.once the sugar is dissolved,let it cool.

    3.Mix sugar and water and let it boil on low heat.

Refreshing drinks recipe00


  • Lemon-mint Slush:

    1.take mint leaves and some lemon.

2.juice the lemons separately.

3. in a blender, add mint leaves, lemon juice and lots of  ice. blend until mixture is formed and ice is crushed.

Refreshing drinks recipe04

  • Infused Drinks:

    well these are the detox drinks. one gets refreshed and also toxins are removed from the body. there are many ways to make detox waters. the most common is lemon-cucumber detox.

  1. for this take a cucumber , a lemon and some mint leaves. you can also add grated ginger.
  2. fill a bottle with water and put all these.
  3. let them infuse overnight. chill and drink the next morning.
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