Recent Clicks of Shaista Lodhi from the show Mehmaan Nawaz

lets have a look at the Recent Clicks of Shaista Lodhi. Shaista Lodhi initially started as a morning show host . her first show was for ARY news where she hosted some amazing shows. despite all the rumors and scandals she has faced, she still proves to be a wonderful and entertaining show host.

she is talented and knows much about how to keep the viewers stick.

when she joined and started her career,back then she was loved and admired by her fans. later she joined Geo Tv and was hosting the morning show aired on Geo Tv. she was not in the news in the first few years of her career. but, later on many scandals and rumors followed shaista Lodhi. she was divorced by her first husband and later married owner of Geo Tv. due to complaints register against her, she left media and vanished.

recently she can be seen hosting another reality cooking show. this cooking show invites celebrity as chef guests and then holds a competition between them. we have found some Recent Clicks of Shaista Lodhi from the set of Mehmaan nawaz.

here, let’s have a look at some Recent Clicks of Shaista Lodhi.


Recent Clicks of Shaista Lodhi:

Recent Clicks of Shaista Lodhi

Recent Clicks of Shaista Lodhi00

Recent Clicks of Shaista Lodhi01


Recent Clicks of Shaista Lodhi02

Recent Clicks of Shaista Lodhi03














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