Ready to Wear Dresses for Women at Timma’s by Fatima Irfan

Timma’s is a fashion house offering exotic formal and casual ready to wear dresses for women. Dresses by Timma’s are surely to be loved, for it offers designs that are unique and have the quality of standing out the crowd and sparkle among the rest. The mastermind behind these super gorgeous dresses is Fatima Irfan who is a passionate and enthusiastic fashion designer holding a professional degree in the field of fashion designing. She is a perfectionist and designs each of her dresses with utmost care and makes sure she looks into the finest of detailing which makes her collection timeless! Want some fashion advice? Fatima Irfan is right there to solve your ‘fashion problems’ with her professional advice. Dresses by Timma’s are right according to what a woman of today wants and are deigned to make them feel comfortable and get noticed! Timma’s Dresses are available at Labels Karach. However, you can place your orders at

 Yellow Linen Casual Shirt by Timma’s 001

 Timma’s Spring Collection 2011


 Timma’s Dresses 004

 Timma’s by Fatima Irfan 04

 Red Formal Dress at Timma’s 007


 Green Linen Casual Top by Timma’s 003

 Formal Wear by Timma’s 005

 Formal Dresses at Timma’s by Fatima Irfan 009

 Casual Wear by Timmas 003

 Black Linen Top by Timma’s 002

 Black Formal Dress by Timma’s 006


Source: Timma’s by Fatima Irfan

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